Connected Networks
The Cross-Chain Bridge v2.3 currently supports token and NFT bridgings between all connected networks. Currently Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche and Fantom.
We are aiming to expand this list quickly to include all other EVM compatible chains and will connect to almost every network in the near future (with a focus on Smart Contract capabilities first).
EVM Networks
Production (since v1.0)
Binance Smart Chain
Production (since v1.0)
Production (since v2.0)
Production (since v2.1)
Production (since v2.2)
More EVM Chains
MetaMask settings for the currently connected networks:
Open the MetaMask settings, click on "Networks" and select “Add custom RPC/Network”. Type the following:
Binance Smart Chain
Polygon Mainnet
Avalanche Mainnet
IMPORTANT: For sending tokens from centralized exchanges to your MetaMask connected to Avalanche, please make sure you read this.
Fantom Opera Mainnet
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