I don't have my tokens yet. How can I claim my tokens?

How can I claim my tokens on the target network?

In the bridging process, after you confirmed the token deposit on the origin network, you will see the amount of confirmations of your deposit transaction. Please wait until 20 confirmations are reached.
Afterwards, you see a "Switch Network & Claim" button. Press this one and switch your network to the network you were bridging to.
Once you are connected to your target network, you will see a "Claim" button. Press this to claim your tokens. As shown before you did the bridging, the claiming requires the native network token to cover the network fees ("gas") of the claiming transaction.
Below the "Claim" button, you can get a link in case you want a different person to initiate the claiming for you (i.e. pay the network fees for you) or in case you want to claim later or with a different browser, etc. The address to which the tokens will be sent after claiming will always remain the same. If you give this link to a different person, he/she would just pay the network fees for you.
For how to create a manual claim link, please read the following page.