Roadmap 2022
This table attempts to summarize the 2022 Cross-Chain Bridge Roadmap into a digestible and organized format. The approach here was to find the middle ground between impact and development efforts.
Short Term (3 Months)
Mid Term (3-6 Months)
Long Term (+6 Months)
Add more Tokens & Self-Listing:
We will optimize the self-listing process and add more tokens
More Networks: Add additional EVM networks
Yield Sourcing: Use temporary free funds in the bridge to source extra external yield
Bridge Router Contract: One-stop-shop for accessing all functionality of the Cross-Chain Bridge
Interest Bearing Composable Token: Create ERC4626 compliant Interest Bearing Token Vaults to substitute Liquidity Mining Pools
Full EVM Network Support: Add all other EVM chains
Discount on Bridging Fees: Reduced fees for BRIDGE token holders
Flexible Fee Mechanism and Auto Rebalancing: Use a supply and demand based system for bridging fees, that decreases fees when supply is high and increases fees when supply is low
Bridge DAO: Turn the Bridge into a DAO and give full control over to the users / BRIDGE token holders
Cancel Bridge Feature: Cancellation option for deposits
Bridge Vault: Make an auto-compounding bridge Vault
Increase Decentralization and Trustlessness: Using novel cryptographic mechanisms like zk proofs to further decentralize the bridge
Reward Pool Fees: Introducing 7-day holding period with 1% withdrawal fee. Withdrawal within the 7-days results in a 30% fee
ERC 1155 Support: Add ERC1155 support for the NFT bridge
Buy-Back & Burn: Change protocol incentive fee to burn BRIDGE
NFT Batch Bridgings: Allow ERC721s to be bridged as a batch
Bridging Data: Implement a solution for non-token data bridging between supported chains.
NFT Royalty Handling: Allow the NFT bridge to handle NFT royalties
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