Stake LP tokens. Earn BRIDGE Tokens.
Cross-Chain Bridge Farms are available for important, high-demand tokens or for tokens of projects that have successfully applied. Farms are Cross-Chain Bridge earn option 2 for LP tokens. LP tokens deposited in the Farms earn BRIDGE the native Cross-Chain Bridge token. The farmed BRIDGE tokens can subsequently be used to stake in the attractive Reward Pools.
Farms receive a relative amount of the per-block minted BRIDGE tokens (see Tokenomics). They create a higher incentive to provide liquidity for the community - as the to-be-farmed BRIDGE token can then be deposited in the Reward Pools for additional yield. For a current list of supported Farms, please visit the Cross-Chain Bridge Farm page here. While these Farms will initially be picked by the team and slowly increase in number, the goal is to move this process to Governance.
IMPORTANT: The USDC, USDT & ETH Liquidity Pools currently come with deposit limits please refer to the deposit limits page for further details.
The BRIDGE rewards per user are determined by a) the BRIDGE minted per block (see Tokenomics), b) the amount of farms, c) the multipliers (see below) and d) the user share of the Farm - which is:
Farm Share =
User Amount of LP Tokens in Pool / Total Amount of LP Tokens in Pool


BRIDGE emissions for these Farms are determined through variable multipliers. If 10 Farms with a multiplier of 1 exist, one Farm gets 1/10th of the per-block minted BRIDGE tokens. If 11 Farms with a multiplier of 1 exist, one Farm gets 1/11th of the per-block minted BRIDGE tokens. The mechanism for adjusting the multipliers is directly correlated to the demand for bridging a specific asset or given to governance/votings in the future. Therefore each Farm on each network can be given an adjustable multiplier to attract additional liquidity, if necessary. If new farms are added while the multipliers of the existing Farms remain the same, the amount of BRIDGE allocated to the existing Farms decreases. However, in any case, with more communities and tokens supported, a greater number of bridgings will occur leading to more protocol incentive or bridging fees, more attractive Reward Pools and thus a higher value for each BRIDGE token.
Projects interested in applying for a BRIDGE Farm can do so here. In exchange for a Farm, the Cross-Chain Bridge protocol asks for an offer of how many own tokens a project would be willing to put into their token's Reward Pool as an extra incentive for their own community and other BRIDGE token holders - increasing the value of each BRIDGE token as a compensation for the dilution of other Farms.
Technical details can be found in the BridgeChef - Smart Contracts section of this GitBook.
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