Stake LP tokens. Earn BRIDGE Tokens.
Farms are Cross-Chain Bridge earn option 2 for USDT LP tokens. USDT LP tokens deposited in the USDT Farm earn BRIDGE the native Cross-Chain Bridge token. The farmed BRIDGE tokens can subsequently be used to stake in the attractive Reward Pools.
The USDT Farm receives a relative amount of the per-block minted BRIDGE tokens (see Tokenomics). They create an additional incentive to provide liquidity for the community - as the to-be-farmed BRIDGE token can then be deposited in the Reward Pools for additional yield.
The BRIDGE rewards per user are determined by a) the BRIDGE minted per block (see Tokenomics) and b) the user share of the Farm - which is:
Farm Share =
User Amount of LP Tokens in Pool / Total Amount of LP Tokens in Pool
Technical details can be found in the BridgeChef - Smart Contracts section of this GitBook.
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