Protocol Incentive Fees

As a protocol incentive for liquidity providers and BRIDGE token holders, bridging users pay a small protocol incentive or bridging fee. Being a community-oriented project, the Smart Contracts circulate the major part of the accumulated protocol incentive or bridging fees back to the pools. 70% of the protocol incentive or bridging fees go to the corresponding Reward Pool of the bridged token and 15% go into the corresponding Liquidity Mining Pool of that token. The remainder of 15% is used to Buy-Back & Burn BRIDGE, the token behind the project.
There are two different protocol incentive or bridging fee tiers:
  • Default for regular and self-listed assets: 0.35% of bridged amount
  • Stablecoins: 0.15% of bridged amount
Fees for specific assets may differ due to promotions or partnerships.