BRIDGE Tokenomics


The BRIDGE token is a fair-launched utility token for the Cross-Chain Bridge. In the future, the BRIDGE token will receive product-focused governance rights. Newly minted BRIDGE is emitted daily via the Cross-Chain Bridge USDT Farm.
BRIDGE primarily entitles the holder to earn a share of 70% of the protocol incentive or token bridging fees as a reward in one of the Reward Pools.
Multiple burn mechanisms have been introduced that can cause BRIDGE to be deflationary depending on the amount of bridging volume on the Cross-Chain Bridge. The Buy-Back & Burn Protocol Incentive collects 15% of all bridging fees which is used to periodically burn BRIDGE. Additionally, BRIDGE is burned from every withdrawal from the Reward Pools.
In addition to the BRIDGE emissions (see BRIDGE emissions v2.3 below) used for the Farm, 10% additional BRIDGE is minted and allocated to a developer wallet also on a per block-basis - to fund the development of the next versions of the Cross-Chain Bridge, and pay for personnel who are whitelisting projects that cannot self-list, etc.

BRIDGE Contract Address: Ethereum, BSC, Polygon & Fantom


BRIDGE Contract Address: Avalanche


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BRIDGE emissions v2.3
BRIDGE tokens are distributed to the Farms at a mint rate of 8 BRIDGE per minute - distributed over all networks. The split between networks is 40% BSC, 20% Polygon, 20% ETH, 10% Avalanche and 10% Fantom.
With 5 networks supported and the current block times of Ethereum (5,800 blocks per day), Binance Smart Chain (28,800 blocks per day), Polygon (39,000 blocks per day), Avalanche (42,500 blocks per day) and Fantom (75,000 blocks per day), this equals 0.397 BRIDGE per ETH block, 0.16 BRIDGE per BSC block, 0.059 BRIDGE per MATIC block, 0.027 BRIDGE per Avalanche block and 0.015 BRIDGE per Fantom block.
Additional BRIDGE Minting
If new networks are connected, a certain amount of BRIDGE is needed to provide liquidity on a DEX and within the Cross-Chain Bridge liquidity pools. These do not result in sell pressure, as they are only for liquidity provision. In the future, the BRIDGE DAO will decide how much will be minted for these use cases. Currently, the BRIDGE representatives decide this.
Important: Once more networks are added, the BRIDGE per block allocated to an existing network will likely be decreased. The decision on how to allocate percentages per network will be made by a delegation of the node hosters until full decentralized governance is in place. However, in any case, with more networks, more bridgings will occur leading to more protocol incentive or bridging fees, more attractive Reward Pools and thus a higher value for each BRIDGE token.
Disclaimer: Following careful reviews BRIDGE mint rate has been adjusted since its launch in Q4 2021. Please read our Medium article for further details.
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