Dual Token Model

The Cross-Chain Bridge works with a dual token model. You can find more information on the following pages.

1) TXL Token

The TXL token is the fuel for the Autobahn Network.
Thereby TXL stands for "Transaction Lane" (In the past, the symbol "TXL" was utilized as "Tixl", the organization that initially developed the Autobahn Network: Tixl gGmbH. With the project rebranding from Tixl to Autobahn Network, the meaning of TXL has changed from "Tixl" to "Transaction Lane").
The TXL token has a maximum supply of 600m, is deflationary and was an integral part of the Cross-Chain Bridge launch. TXL has or will have different use cases:
  • TXL delegated Proof of Stake to run parts of the bridge network (in planning)
  • Bridge Network Governance
  • From all products using Cross-Chain Bridge network or technology, respectively, the TXL token gets a fee share.
    • In the Cross-Chain Bridge, 15% of protocol incentive or bridging fees are collected to Buy-Back-and-Burn TXL.
    • If developers want to use Tixl's currently already worked on interoperable smart contracts, a certain fee will be taken for TXL Buy-Back-and-Burns

2) BRIDGE Token

The BRIDGE token is a fair-launched, pure farm token. It is inflationary in nature.
Farmed or bought BRIDGE entitles the holder to earn a share of 70% of the protocol incentive or token bridging fees as rewards in one of the Reward Pools.
In the future, the BRIDGE token will get product-focused governance rights.