The BRIDGE token is a fair-launched, pure farm token. It is inflationary in nature. In the future, the BRIDGE token will get product-focused governance rights.

BRIDGE Contract Address: Ethereum, BSC, Polygon & Fantom


BRIDGE Contract Address: Avalanche


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BRIDGE Tokenomics:
The BRIDGE Token had a true fair launch, meaning that there was no pre-minting and pre-sale investors other than for DEX as well as Cross-Chain Bridge liquidity provision.
For listing the BRIDGE token on Uniswap, PancakeSwap and SushiSwap, $10,000 worth of BRIDGE or 1,000,000 BRIDGE were pre-minted on each network. To provide initial BRIDGE liquidity inside the Cross-Chain Bridge, an additional $10,000 or 1,000,000 BRIDGE was pre-minted on each network for the Cross-Chain Bridge Liquidity Pools. The listing price was $0.01 on all DEXs.
After the minting of BRIDGE started, the BRIDGE Farms get filled with 100% of the total amount of BRIDGE tokens being minted for Farms. BRIDGE tokens are distributed to the Farms at a mint rate of 80 BRIDGE per minute - distributed over all networks. The initial split between networks was 40% BSC, 40% Polygon and 20% ETH. With the addition of the Avalanche and Fantom Network, the split has been adjusted to 40% BSC, 20% Polygon, 20% ETH, 10% Avalanche and 10% Fantom.
With 5 networks supported and the current block times of Ethereum (6,460 blocks per day), Binance Smart Chain (28,800 blocks per day), Polygon (40,000 blocks per day), Avalanche (42,500 blocks per day) and Fantom (100,000 blocks per day), this equals 3.56 BRIDGE per ETH block, 1.6 BRIDGE per BSC block, 0.57 BRIDGE per MATIC block, 0.27 BRIDGE per Avalanche block and 0.11 BRIDGE per Fantom block.
An additional inflation can result from two areas: 1. If new networks are connected, a certain amount of BRIDGE is needed to provide liquidity on a DEX and within the Cross-Chain Bridge liquidity pools. These do not result in sell pressure, as they are only for liquidity provision. In the future, the BRIDGE DAO will decide how much will be minted for these use cases. Currently, the BRIDGE representatives decide this. 2. To decrease emissions in the future, the goal is to have as much protocol-owned liquidity as possible. By minting an additional 10% per block or minute, the protocol collects BRIDGE tokens that can be used to achieve protocol-owned liquidity. As soon as enough protocol owned liquidity is available, the emissions can be reduced, as less incentive for liquidity providers is needed.
Important: Once more networks are added, the BRIDGE per block allocated to an existing network will likely be decreased. The decision on how to allocate percentages per network will be made by a delegation of the node hosters until full decentralized governance is in place. However, in any case, with more networks, more bridgings will occur leading to more protocol incentive or bridging fees, more attractive Reward Pools and thus a higher value for each BRIDGE token.
Disclaimer: We carefully calculated the BRIDGE inflation and performed multiple scenario analyses. However, if the market shows that the BRIDGE mint rate needs to be adjusted in the first couple of weeks or months after launch in Q4 2021, a delegation of the node hosters reserves the right to do this. If full decentralized governance is in place already, the DAO will decide this.
The relative distribution between the Farms will be organized via the Farm multiplier (see BRIDGE Farms).
In the early days of the Cross-Chain Bridge, the inflation is necessary as the BRIDGE token primarily is a farm token. Through farming rewards, liquidity is attracted which leads to protocol use and adoption.
Over time, the inflation may be reduced or different burn mechanisms introduced (which will be decided by the BRIDGE DAO in the future). A first burn mechanism is in place right from the start, as 30% of Reward Pool BRIDGE withdrawals will be burned.
In addition to the 100% BRIDGE mints used for the Farms, 10% additional BRIDGE will get minted and allocated to a developer wallet also on a per block-basis - to fund the development of the next versions of the Cross-Chain Bridge, and pay for personnel who are whitelisting projects that cannot self-list, etc.

BRIDGE hodler benefits:

Having farmed or bought BRIDGE primarily entitles the holder to earn a share of 70% of the protocol incentive or token bridging fees as a reward in one of the Reward Pools. In the future, the BRIDGE token will get product-focused governance rights.
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